Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Anti-Woman Perverts Set to Take Over Public Health Care in Kentucky

Yes, it appears that despite overwhelming evidence that the result will be thousands of Kentucky women left without reproductive health care, Governor Steve Cowardly Waste of Oxygen Beshear will allow His Popey Rapeyness' freakazoid minions to take over the public University Hospital in Louisville.

It's seven days to election day. Tell Beshear to stop the merger.

From the ACLU of Kentucky:

Dear friend of liberty,

Tell Governor Beshear that you do not support the merger of University of Louisville Hospital, Jewish/St. Mary Health Systems and Catholic Health Initiatives. Under the proposed merger, women that receive care at University of Louisville Hospital – a publicly owned hospital – will no longer be able to receive tubal ligations after c-section or have their birth control dispensed on the premises.

Public agencies, such as University of Louisville Hospital, should not be bound by the Catholic Ethical and Religious Directives, which is what will happen if this merger is completed. If other communities’ experiences are any indication, the merger will create a Catholic-owned entity that is bound by the decisions of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops concerning the delivery of healthcare services and will, as a result, effectively create both physical and financial barriers to those services for our community.

Tell Governor Beshear that you oppose the merger and oppose any restrictions on health care at the University of Louisville Hospital.

While we fully support the rights of every individual to pursue his/her chosen faith, religious theology is not a sound basis upon which to deliver healthcare options in a publicly-funded hospital.

Using tax dollars to fund what will be a Catholic-owned entity whose healthcare decisions are based, in part, on religious ideology rather than individual patient needs violates both the state and federal constitutions, which is why we need to take action and ask Governor Beshear to reject this merger.

ACLU of Kentucky

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Old Scout said...

Fundamentalist nirvana is private ownership of publicly budgetted social service providers. It is the "get-rich-scheme-of-the-decade".
I can't believe we're doing this! Is there no end to the perfidy delivered by the fletcherites? Do not forget --- jimramsey is fletcher's chief of budget and jessica's personal pick to run the U of L system with a tip of her hat to exxoneddie and mitchmcconnell to make sure there was no better job on the horizon for ram-zee[Idea up yo' sun doanshine].
What a monumental fuck-up. Someone needs to tell Jane what a fuck-up this is --- or maybe Andrews!!!!!