Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fuck You, Rethuglicans: Obama Doesn't Need You

There's only one response to hubristic rethuglican House members demanding the executive branch stop enforcing the law: fuck you AND the teabaggers you rode in on.

Dan Froomkin:

If President Obama wants to pursue a progressive agenda in the next two years, there are plenty of ways he can do that even without any help from Capitol Hill.


"There's tons of things that can be done," said Damon Silvers, policy director of the AFL-CIO. "The administration has a vast capacity to act to improve the lives of ordinary Americans, regardless of what happens in Congress."

The worry, however, is that Obama will be so focused on reaching out to Republican leaders that he will be either uninterested in or afraid of being confrontational in his executive actions.

"The question is not can Obama do things," Silvers told HuffPost. "The question is will he? Will the administration do the things it can do?"

First Thing: Take On the Banks

The president of the United States oversees a massive regulatory apparatus that, when wielded appropriately, can help level the playing field for the middle class.

Read the whole thing.

Financial reform, climate change, even campaign finance reform - all are in President Obama's power to fix.

So go ahead, rethuglicans: dig in your heels, hold your breath until you pass out, don't give that ni**er in the White House one inch.

The sooner you force him to govern without you, the sooner we'll see some real change.

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