Sunday, April 15, 2018

This Is What You Get When You Agree to Fascist Neighborhood Rules

No, of course the neighborhood association should not ban certain dog breeds.  It also should not ban unmowed meadow yards, clotheslines, vegetable gardens, children's playhouses, compost piles, bright paint jobs and unique mailboxes.

People sign these authoritarian contracts thinking it will keep out people who don't live the way the existing owners prefer.

But first they came for the pit bulls ....

From the Herald

A cluster of huskies, pit bulls and German shepherds were out at Masterson Station Park Friday night, but their owners’ motives for the park visit were more serious than a walk or a game of fetch. 

Dozens of people, several with dogs in tow, gathered at the park to discuss and protest a ban on 11 dog breeds that was detailed in a letter from the developer of McConnell’s Trace neighborhood earlier this month. 

The letter sparked outrage from some in the neighborhood and wider Lexington community, but developer Dennis Anderson told the Herald-Leader earlier this week that the ban has been in place since 2006. Neighborhood residents say they aren’t so sure. 
 Next time, freedom lovers, try buying a place downtown. They like non-conformists there.

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