Friday, February 9, 2018

Repugs Are Forcing Kentuckians to Freeze in the Dark

If you wonder where all the market uber alles worship of private corporations went, repugs never really meant it.

Now, they know damn well coal is a stinking corpse and natural gas is going down, too.  But they still can't shake that fossil fuel monkey off their backs.

If Kentucky can't have coal, it can't have any energy at all.

From the Herald:

A controversial bill that would make it less financially attractive to install solar energy panels in Kentucky is going to the full House after it overwhelmingly was approved Thursday by the House Natural Resources Committee.

House Bill 227 would dramatically roll back the reimbursements paid to future homeowners with solar panels on their roofs when they sell surplus energy to utility companies, a practice known as “net metering.” Instead of getting the retail rate, homeowners would get the much lower wholesale rate.

Solar panel installers say the smaller payments could mean that homeowners would need 20 years to recoup the cost of putting panels on their roofs — an average of $20,000 — instead of the current nine years.

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