Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bevin's Lying About Pensions. Of Course He's Lying

Yeah, why exactly would you believe Governor "I Got Mine, Fuck You."

He is NOT going to give state workers a grace period to retire before he guts their pensions.

He's saying that now so he can trick more workers into getting stuck with 401k plans that his Wall Street buddies will strip and steal.

This motherfucker liar has lied about everything from day one.  Anybody who believes him now deserves the catastrophe he's got planned for you.

From the Herald:

In a Facebook Live chat with state employees on Monday, Bevin said that any changes he and lawmakers make to Kentucky’s pension plans would not include an “emergency clause,” so they would not take effect immediately upon his signing legislation into law. That would give state employees a few months to decide their best course of action under restructured retirement systems.

Bevin said he expects to call a special legislative session this fall to address the tens of billions of dollars owed by the states’ pension plans.

“I don’t see this going into effect until the top of the year, maybe, at the earliest,” Bevin said. “I would be remiss to try and pick the date. Maybe we wait until the end of the fiscal year, which is June 30. There’s been no determination on that yet.”
David Smith knows what kind of lying motherfucker we're dealing with.
 “When I say you’re looking at a mass exodus, I mean it,” Smith said. “I’ve communicated with 300 or 400 members since that report came out Monday. And that’s just me personally. We have other people in our organization who are taking calls. We’re telling everyone, ‘Get ready to pull the pin.’”
You know how repugs are always saying government doesn't work, then they get elected and make it come true?  Bevin is taking the decades-long lie about how incompetent state workers are and by  forcing thousands of experienced workers to retire and be replaced by minimum-wage drones, making that lie come true.

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