Saturday, June 18, 2016

No, Anti-Trumpist repugs are not voting for Hillary. Ever.

There are no such things as independents, swing voters or undecideds.  There are repugs too embarrassed to call themselves repugs and who register as "independent" but who always - ALWAYS - vote repug.  And there are dems who are too stupidly pure to call themselves Democratic voters and who register as "independent" but who always - ALWAYS - vote Democratic.  When they don't sit at home on Election Day and sulk, that is.

Any attempt by Hillary or any other Democratic candidate - like the always-moronic Democratic candidates for the Kentucky state House - to pick up "anti-Trump" repug voters is doomed to not just fail, but to take the entire Democratic campaign down with it through either pissing off actual Democratic voters or giving false confidence that this election is going to be a blowout.

Stop. Just Stop.  
There are millions of loyal Democratic voters who would be happy to vote for Hillary - unless they think the election is already a dem blowout or they think they're being taken for granted.
Those are the voters you need, Hillary.  Those are the voters you need to court.

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