Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dems Still Planning to Kill Social Security and Medicare in Return for Tip Money

You didn't really believe all that bullshit about "no more spending cuts" did you?
There's a lot of wriggle room in there, and quite a few straw men, but if you read it literally, he specifically promised not to slash those programs in exchange for tax cuts. What he didn't do was promise not to cut those programs in exchange for tax hikes --- which is what the Democrats are seeking.

He won't agree to tax cuts for millionaires. That's a good thing. But will he agree to cuts if the Republicans agree to raise some taxes? We don't know. But we do know that David Koch's on board with that.

I'm frankly a little bit non-plussed. He named student loans, Head Start, the mortgage interest deduction which I wouldn't have thought would be on the menu. And maybe they aren't. But if the line in the sand is "no tax cuts for millionaires," all those things could theoretically be part of an agreement that raises taxes on millionaires.

Let's hope this is just paranoid and that he actually promised outright to protect all these benefits. But the construction of the sentences is strange if that's the case.

Stay tuned.
You might have noticed that in his acceptance speech President Obama said jack shit about electing more Democrats to Congress. That's because more Democrats - especially more real Democrats, more progressives and liberals like Elizabeth Warren - in Congress, the harder it's going to be to get his Grand Bargain of killing Social Security and Medicare in return for billionaires tossing us some change.
So get out there and elect progressives who will stop Obama's Catfood Commission.

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