Friday, August 15, 2008

Beshear's Failure and How to Fix It

Wondering how in the name of the seven gods of FUBAR Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear went from a 20-point landslide mandate to national laughingstock in the course of six months?

Media Czech has a superb analysis.

Folks, in order to move our state forward, we need to be honest about where we stand.

The first 7 months of the Beshear Administration have been damned close to a disaster. We entered January with a lot of momentum and potential to get things done. Sure, David Williams stood in our way in the Senate, but we had the opportunity to form a united front against him and take him on. It was a golden window of opportunity to knock him onto his heels and move our agenda through the session, leading up to the elections in the Fall where we could launch a real effort to take back the Senate.

In every way imaginable, the Beshear Administration failed at this task.

From the arrogance of the initial casino proposal, to the cigarette tax waffling, to the bitter budget infighting, to the insulting behavior toward Dems in the legislature, to the giant failure in the special election of the Senate 30th District, we’ve continually missed opportunities and shot ourselves in the foot.

I don't agree with everything in it, and I would place far more blame on Beshear's corporatism and tendency to appease repug bullies, but MC's piece is a great starting place for a desperately needed debate.

If you want to stop wandering around repeating "what the fuck happened" and start working on ways to get a real Democratic administration back on track, read the whole thing.

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