Friday, July 20, 2007

Bush Bleeding Out in Kentucky

Kentucky's got a Republican Governor, a Republican State Senate, two Republican U.S. Senators, and a 2-1 Republican advantage in U.S. House seats.

But now, according to Survey USA, President Smirky is almost as unpopular in Kentucky as fighting-for-his-political-life Governor Ernie Fletcher.

Like Fletcher in another recent poll, Bush is losing in just about every category.

Bush gets the thumbs-down from more than 50 percent of Kentuckians of both sexes, every race (except Hispanics - what's up with that?), every geographical region, independents as well as Democrats, moderates as well as liberals, civilians and members of the military (HA!), and people who think the U.S. won the Vietnam War.

Good Grief, even 48 percent of Kentuckians who are pro-life disapprove of Bush.

The Usurper's still hanging on to Republicans, Conservatives, people who think Global Warming is "made-up," and people who think we're going to win in Iraq (whatever that means.)

In every category, the "Not Sure"s ranged from zero to 4 percent, except 24 percent of Hispanics (what IS that deal?) and nine percent of "Other" races (86 percent of whom disapprove of Bush - more than any category except the 88 percent of people who think we're going to lose in Iraq.)

Yeah, yeah, Smirky's 38 percent approval in Kentucky is still way above his national rate of 29 percent, but this isn't Manhattan.

If Kentucky's deserting Bush, can Florida be that far behind?

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Rich Miles said...

A thought on the Hispanic deal:

Here in my county, most of the Hispanic population is first-generation. We don't really have very many Hispanic-Americans. What we have here are Hispanics who have recently arrived in America.

As a consequence, I think it's possible that the pollsters have found Hispanics who are new enough to America to still be afraid to speak out against the government - or what they perceive to be doing so. Thus, when they're asked if they support Bush in any way, they tend to say yes.

I find it hard to imagine that Hispanic-Americans who have been in this country longer than a year or two could still find Bush an attractive leader. Not if they read anything other than the local "Hoy" newspaper.

No way for me to know if the above is true or not - but it makes sense to me as a hypothesis to explain the phenomenon you question.

Other than that, thanks for bringing those SurveyUSA links to us.